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What is the running time of the show?

          FOREVER YOUNG will run 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission. Plenty of time for popcorn!


Where is FOREVER YOUNG being performed and how do I get to the theatre?

            FOREVER YOUNG is performed in Theatres around the country. Go to our TOUR tab to see where our next show will be!


What is the recommended age for children?

            FOREVER YOUNG is specially designed to be enjoyed by all ages. Yes, even your hard to please 14 year old.


What should I wear to the show? 

             FOREVER YOUNG is set in a neighborhood basement and has a very casual feel. As long as you've got clothes on, you're more than welcome. 

What is the seating procedure for latecomers?

            FOREVER YOUNG will let you in whenever you get there. Just don't be late! The beginning is the best part! Well, maybe the middle. The end is pretty good too! Well...maybe being on time is the best bet.

What is the policy on guide dogs and service animals?

          FOREVER YOUNG does welcome any and all service animals. Even our furry friends are gonna enjoy this amazing ride throught the hits of our lives. 

What do people think of the show?

     We're glad you asked. Click on the little owl and find out! 



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